Area of Focus.
Large Structural Parts

  • Cross car beams
  • Inner closures: doors / tail gates / swing gates
  • Strut towers
  • Seats: frames / pans
  • Grill opening reinforcements

LEGGERA Technologies

At Leggera Technologies we consider ourselves problem solvers above all else. We thrive on difficult and challenging engineering problems. All of the engineers at Leggera have experience as engineers at the OEM level so they understand the needs of our OEM customers. We have proven this time and again as we continue to win programs with innovative solutions at competitive prices.

Our thixomolding technology is perfectly suited to the needs of OEMs in today’s environment. Although thixomolding uses magnesium as its source material, it is important to understand that it is much different and distinct from die cast magnesium. Precision injection molded magnesium (thixomolding) delivers net shaped parts, superior material properties, incredibly tight tolerances, thinner walls and lower draft angles….resulting in stronger, lighter weight parts than is possible with die casting.


Leggera Technologies is a full service provider from initial conception thru product design, testing and final production, we design and manufacture the quality products you need. We deliver superior value to our customers through innovative magnesium processes and world class manufacturing.

Thixomolding Benefits


Thixomolding® is a casting method where magnesium is simultaneously sheared and heated until it becomes dough-like in consistency, and then injected into a mold, creating a laminar flow front similar to that of plastic injection molding. The doughy consistency is created in a magnesium injection molding machine under a protective gas.

Benefits of our Technology

  • Light weight
  • Thin walls: .020” minimum (.5 mm)
  • Castability and stiffness
  • EMI-RFI shielding
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • High dimensional stability and tight tolerances
  • Linear tolerances: ±.001 in. (0.003 cm) for each inch of dimension
  • High quality surface finish
  • Low porosity: 50% lower than die cast
  • Dent resistance and good machinability
  • Sound and vibration dampening
  • Heat transfer capability
  • No surface sinks at wall junctions
  • Low draft: 0 draft possible, .5 to 2 degree is typical
  • Recyclability and low warpage
  • Environmentally friendly process
  • Insert molding possible