Precision Molded Magnesium

At Leggera Technologies we consider ourselves problem solvers above all else.  We thrive on difficult and challenging engineering problems.  All of the engineers at Leggera have experience as engineers at the OEM level so they understand the needs of our OEM customers.  We have proven this time and again as we continue to win programs with innovative solutions at competitive prices.

Our thixomolding technology is perfectly suited to the needs of OEMs in today’s environment.  Although thixomolding uses magnesium as its source material, it is important to understand that it is much different and distinct from die cast magnesium.   Precision injection molded magnesium (thixomolding) delivers net shaped parts, superior material properties, incredibly tight tolerances, thinner walls and lower draft angles….resulting in stronger, lighter weight parts than is possible with die casting.  Our focus is on structural automotive parts:  cross car beams, inner closures and steering column mounts to name a few.  We own several of the largest thixo machines in the world and are awaiting delivery of our newest machine, a 3500 ton machine which will further expand our capabilities.

Leggera offers the greatest potential value when we are provided an opportunity to either re-design, or design from scratch, a magnesium solution where the incumbent part is either die cast magnesium, aluminum or steel, particularly if they are multiple part assemblies than can be combined and molded as a single part. Thixomolding affords us the ability to engineer a part with complex geometries, integrated features and opportunities to both insert mold and overmold—operations not possible with any other metal molding process.  We can reduce weight by thinning walls and lowering draft angles and reduce costs by integrating features and eliminating post process machining.  If you can dream it, we can likely thixomold it.  The more challenging your problem, the more we shine.

Give us an opportunity to compete for your next program.

Proven Advantages of Thixomolding

In the 25 year commercial experience with this process, the following advantages over conventional die casting have been verified:

  • Net shaping of complex parts requiring little, if any, machining…consolidating several parts into one: tool action is common allowing for complex geometries and in-molded features
  • Tight dimensional control:  ±.001 inch for each inch of dimension
  • Much longer die life than die casting: molds can last over 1,000,000 shots
  • Low porosity (50% lower than die cast), fine grain size and reduced eutectic size = better material properties
  • Higher ductility and fatigue strength: elongation of thixomolded AM60B is 15%
  • Flexibility in part design, down to 0.5 mm thickness and 1 degree draft (0 degree possible)
  • Dimensional stability: thixo solid fraction eliminates warpage…no need for straightening
  • Environmental friendliness, no open foundry, no SF6 gas, no sludge or dross – with worker comfort and safety in an extremely clean environment
  • High quality surface finish: class A quality
  • No surface sinks at wall junctions
  • Insert and overmolding possible